MP3Upload.net is a website which allows you to easily upload mp3 files to YouTube. A watermark is not placed on your video, and the original audio quality is kept.

I originally created this website because I was tired of putting my video through a video editor every time I wanted to upload music to YouTube. Other websites that uploaded your music for you either put a watermark on half of the video, or charged you to use their service.

The main goal of this website is to make something that doesn't do any of that, and is something that I myself would use.

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  • Why are all of my videos uploaded in 960x?

    The reason that we cap the resolution at 960x? is because of the conversion times. On our current hardware, converting multiple files at 1080p or 4k would slow the website down for everyone by a LOT.

  • Why can't I upload videos more than 15 minutes long?

    By default, unverified accounts can only upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. In order to verify your account, please read this guide by YouTube.

  • What are the supported audio formats I can upload?

    Currently, we support MP3, WAV, and M4A. However, more may be coming in the future.

  • How can I deauthenticate MP3Upload.net from my Google account?

    If you would like to remove MP3Upload.net as a third party service from your Google account, then please go to https://myaccount.google.com/permissions, click on MP3Upload.net, and click on revoke access. Then, please email contact@mp3upload.net with the subject line "Revoke Access".